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How The American Lotto Works

Step 1

Login or Signup To create an account on our website or App from your laptop, desktop, iPad, tablet, or smartphone

Step 2

Choose the game option from the list of our novel four (4) games:

Step 3

Choose the play option you want – Autoplay, where the system generates 5 random numbers for you from a number set, OR Self-Pick, where you get to pick 5 numbers from the number set.

Step 4

Select the staking amount you want to purchase and pay using your cards (with Visa, Mastercard, or Verve logo), online wallet, or a direct bank transfer - Remember: The more tickets you buy, the more your chances of winning. Also, the more staking amount, the bigger your winnings.

Step 5

Millionaire Powerplay then sends text (SMS) and email to you with your ticket serial numbers

Step 6

We notify you again on draw days if one or more of your tickets wins during a draw

Step 7

Your winnings are automatically transferred to your bank account or online wallet, depending on your preference or you will be asked to go to the nearest bank to pick up your prize money

Step 8

We anticipate 7,000 – 250,000 ticket holders must win some prize money in our Millionaire Powerplay on a weekly basis, depending on the number of tickets that was sold for the week


In total prize money won till date

N 500,000,000

Total cash money donated to Education and Healthcare benefitting all Nigerians. This is our Corporate Social Responsibility.

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Yes! Millionaire Powerplay complies with all the applicable Nigerian laws including rules of the Nigerian Lottery Regulatory Commission. Our website and app allow users like you buy their Millionaire Powerplay tickets legally and hassle-free at your own time and location.

Think of us as legitimate, fair, and transparent in our business dealings. Our goal is to ensure that as many people as possible win the lottery on a weekly basis and a significant portion of the proceeds are used in the philanthropic advancement of Education and Healthcare.

It is very easy to play! You simply need to click here to follow the steps on how to buy your tickets on the platform.

No, it doesn’t matter! The odds of winning are the same whether you played at the vendor, online via any device or through the app. We have undergone rigorous streamlining of the algorithm that it does not matter where and how you got your ticket. We created the vendor and the online route because we understand there are people that are less internet savvy than others. Millionaire Powerplay is for everyone irrespective of their internet savviness.

Statistically, yes, but this is what lottery is about, your LUCK factor, you may have more LUCK factors than the system and vice versa.

Your chance of winning increases as the number of tickets you purchase increases. We made a ticket as low as N50 to make it easy for as many Nigerians as possible to afford it. However, to increase your odds of winning, we recommend buying as many tickets as you can afford. The maximum staking amount any staker can buy at any point in time is N50,000.

We anticipate 7,000-250,000+ winners every week

depending on the number of lottery tickets that were sold. The more tickets we sell, the more winners we can guarantee. We are also the only lottery company dedicated to our corporate social responsibility with significant portion of our proceeds directed into Education and healthcare for all Nigerians.

Providing your bank account number is not mandatory! We do ask for it to simplify payment should you win on draw day. Users that provide their bank account number would be credited immediately by the Millionaire Powerplay system, should they win. However, for users who do not provide their bank account number during registration or ticket purchase, will have their winnings deposited into their online wallet or asked to take their text message confirmation to the nearest payment center to claim their prize money.

If one of your ticket numbers won during our draw per the rules of the game, you will be notified via SMS text message and email (if you provided one) informing you of your win as well as crediting your bank account (if one was provided) or asking you to go to the nearest payment center to claim your cash prize.

If you provided your email during registration or ticket purchase, you would have your winning ticket number in your inbox. However, if this is not the case, please click here and provide your surname and phone number for the system to confirm if you have any unclaimed winnings.

Yes! In extenuating circumstances, you can use your NIN slip and your confirmatory text (or email) with your winning code to claim your prize from one of our payment or redemption centers.

Click on here to see the steps on becoming a vendor.

You can send an email to helpdesk@millionairepowerplay.com and one of our staff will respond to you within 5-7 business days.