Making Lottery Safe

Security at Millionaire Powerplay

Wondering if Millionaire Powerplay is secure? Here's how we make playing the lottery safe and easy for all users.

At Millionaire Powerplay, we're serious about security. Our lottery app is creating a more convenient, fun, and responsible way to play the lottery by providing you with a secure platform to buy your tickets.

Here's how we make playing the lottery safe, easy, and secure for all our users:

1. Order Confirmations & Receipts

After you place your order in the app, web, or at the vendor, our automated system sends you confirmation via email and SMS text message. Each confirmation includes your name, lottery drawing, and selected lottery numbers that serves as proof of purchase for your peace of mind

2. Accounts & Payment Information Protection

When it comes to the protection of our players’ information, technology allows Millionaire Powerplay to take things one step further:

  • Millionaire Powerplay exercises SSL Encryption and PCI Compliance to ensure secure transmission of all user data.
  • Millionaire Powerplay does not store personal financial information.
  • Identity thieves are thwarted by the requirement of a government photo ID and or a user’s super code in claiming prizes.
  • As part of the REAL ID initiative, Millionaire Powerplay offers players the option to scan their ID to make the upfront verification process even more secure.
  • Millionaire Powerplay validates the geo-coordinates of a player’s device for every order ensuring it is within Nigeria boundaries.
  • For added security, we require Face ID/Touch ID or pin code verification to place orders, fund requests, and payouts.

3. Automatic Win Alerts

Millionaire Powerplay automatically alerts you right in the app. And by sending SMS and email messages to you. In the process, Millionaire Powerplay minimizes the risk of forgetting to check results—a problem costing lottery players billions of dollars in unclaimed prizes globally.

4. Responsible Gaming

Being responsible while making the lottery better is a core part of the Millionaire Powerplay mission. To this end, there are many tools and resources in the app to ensure players are having fun while being safe:

  • Player limits: We enforce daily spending and funding limits for all players, who can set their own (lower) limits at any time.
  • Self-exclusion: Our self-exclusion feature lets players ban themselves from using the app for specific periods of time. During this period, they’re not able to buy more tickets or place orders.
  • Player protections: Millionaire Powerplay flags changes in a player’s behavior that could be signs of an abusive play pattern.
  • Support: We provide access to pathological gambling therapist, should this be necessary.

5. Security Support

We’re here to help. Send us an email at and one of our staff will respond within 3-5 business days. We’re standing by for any customer service, security, or technical support question you may have.