Referral Program

The American Lotto PROMO Code & Referral Program for Web/App Players:

NB: This is only applicable to lottery stakers playing for themselves through the web and apps. Vendors, Sub-vendors, admin, and super admin are EXCLUDED from this referral program.

1. All first-time player on The American Lotto Platform playing by self through the web or app gets a one-time 10% off their first lottery ticket purchase by applying their promo code

2. All lottery player with an account on web/app will have a referral code attached to their profile which they give out and a referral link (optional) as well which they can share with family & friends.

3. For each person a lottery player gives their referral code or link to, AND this new person successfully registers onto our platform and inputs the referral code that was given to him or her in the registration process, the person who refers to the new person will get a 10% of the value of the ticket purchased by the new person, as CREDITS which is then applied to his account. This credit can only be used for the purchase of lottery ticket on our platform. He or she will continue to earn 10% as CREDITS sent to his profile every time the new person buys our tickets. This will continue for ONLY the first 6 months of the new person joining our platform.

For example, person A refers person B to the American Lotto system. Person B registers onto our platform and uses the referral code from person A to sign-up onto our system. Person B then gets a one-time 10% off his first lottery ticket purchase if he uses the promo code. If he is buying a N1,000 ticket from the platform, he gets an “amount payable” page of N900 instead of N1,000. Also, person A who referred person B, will get a N100 CREDITS (which is 10% of what person B is spending at the time) deposited into his profile as CREDITS that can ONLY be used to towards a lottery ticket purchase on our platform. Person A will continue to get the benefits of referring person B to our system for only the first 6 consecutive months (180 days) after the successful introduction and sign-up of the new player. After this, the benefit disappears.